Annisa Kurnia Hikmawati

A Communication Specialist that has strong background in Marketing Communication and Public Relations. Passionate in event management and content writing with more than 5 years experiences.

Latest Release Publication

Proven press release and blog writing that published on some national media

PT Era Digital Media Tbk - Melalui EDM AWAN, Eranyacloud Melantai di Bursa Efek Indonesia

KONTAN.CO.ID - Yunika Rima selaku Direktur Utama dari PT Era Digital Media Tbk mengatakan dengan melakukan IPO, pihaknya dapat melakukan pengembangan bisnis komputasi awan melalui perusahaan anak, Eranyacloud.

Selain itu, Perseroan juga akan memperkuat segmen Business to Business (B2B) dengan membentuk ekosistem mitra penjual, bekerjasama dengan asosiasi industri, serta memperkuat pemasaran layanan dan produk dari Perseroan ke seluruh Indonesia.

EDM menargetkan dana yang akan diperoleh dari pe

Mudahkan Bisnis di Era Digital, Eranyacloud Tawarkan Solusi Infrastruktur TI untuk UMKM hingga Industri – PT Era Awan Digital memperkenalkan , Eranyacloud, sebagai solusi infrastruktur teknologi informasi (TI) berbasis komputasia awan atau yang bisa diandalkan, aman, dan simpel dengan dukungan 24 jam setiap hari.

Adapun layanan yang disediakan Eranyacloud antara lain Public and Private Cloud, Cloud Backup Protect, Disaster Recovery, Virtual Security Operation Center (vSOC), Web Application Security (WAF), Email Collaboration, dan Managed Services dengan .

Sebagai informasi, Eranyacloud

Zettagrid Dukung Platform Mastel Digital Academy

JAKARTA, - Zettagrid Indonesia mendukung Masyarakat Telematika Indonesia (Mastel) dalam membangun platform Digital Academy. Hal ini dilakukan sejalan dengan program pemerintah dan sebagai bentuk dukungan nyata mendukung pencapaian Indonesia Maju 4.0.

Platform tersebut disediakan untuk seluruh masyarakat yang berminat meningkatkan kompetensi di bidang digital skill and knowledge. Platform e-learning yang dikembangkan dan diadaptasi dari paket-paket program Digital Talent Scholarship

3 Risks That Weighing Your Business After Data Loss in Office 365

3 Risks That Weighing Your Business After Data Loss in Office 365

According to, Microsoft Office 365 now has 258 million users around the world. In additional, this fact showed that people now already using cloud as the solution to enhances their activities in this digital era.

Although Microsoft Office 365 offers features that allowed workforce to move faster, it does not mean disaster could not be found on its system. If you think this cloud has a secure system to protect all the c

Beside Content Creation, I found my passion to event management

Here are some latest event that I designed and implemented

Public Expose EDM "AWAN"

To increase the business capital, Eranyacloud through the parent company PT Era Digital Media (AWAN) held Public Expose for their IPO.

Here I help to wrote their business prospectus, press release, and managing the event flow and concept.

The event was held hybrid  at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski and through Zoom Meetings. It was a successful event and we got 30 articles published on the media.

Digital Transformation Indonesia 2022

Here I successfully collected more than 700+ new potential leads that convert into 3 clients after the event, more than 500 new followers on LinkedIn, and more than 300 new followers on Instagram. 

My ideas for the booth activation was a free coffee give away to those who fill the form for the company database. I also put branding on the coffee can. I also put 360 photo inside the booth.

My works here were gave the concept of the booth, post event content, and communicate with event organizer.

Press Conference Eranyacloud Launch

Having a Public Relations Background helps me to apply into my work at Eranyacloud. Eranyacloud was launched the brand and held a press conference.

We held it at The Langham Hotel Jakarta. From this event we got published on 45 national media including 2 newspaper coverage with PR value number at IDR

I like writing and I can't live without social media. So why not putting it into one work :)

I love to scroll social media feeds especially on Instagram and TikTok, until am not realized that I observes the trends and try to applied it on my work. Check this out to see some of contents that I've been made.

@zettagridindonesia IG Feeds

Zettagrid Indonesia Content Planning And Creation

Zettagrid is a B2B brand that focused on cloud computing industry. Even though the industry is quite challenging and formal. But I make it playful since now our target market is not only older people but millenials as well. Thus, I always up to date with the trend and create it as one content whether video, static video, etc. I crafted from the editorial plan, excecute content creation, and content writing as well. Check all my content creation on IG @zettagridindonesia and LinkedIn on button below

@frozenin.bun IG Feeds

Managing Social Media for My Own Small Business

To fulfill my free time, I create a small business called @frozenin.bun. There I provide various type of frozen foods and utilize Instagram and other e-commerce platforms to sell my products. I love to design my feeds along with its content ideas. I also collaborate with some KOLs such as Hesti Purwadinata (Tonight Show NetTV host), Miss Tourism International 2019, and other micro influencers to promote my brands.

Additional Skills

Video Concept and Voice Over Talent

Beside content writing, I am also passionate to create a concept and being a voice over talent. Here one of my project for Eranyacloud on Independence Day.

Host On Zettagrid Webinar

Graduated from LSPR Jakarta and joined LSPR Radio as announcer has awakening my passion in hosting an event. So here is one of my portfolio when I became a master of ceremony on my company event.

Let's Collaborate Together!

I am always open to any work collaboration. Please do contact me through my e-mail below.


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